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A one-page guide covering the most important aspects of installation, such as propping, reo spacing and recommended concrete mix.

Use this handy quick reference guide on site for key data on installing Permaform.








Timing of installation Can be installed within 24 hours of pouring the slab or footing.
Speed of installation In a basement environment or similar, 150 sqm installed by four (4) people per day on average.
Delivery Arrives to site in packs of up to six (6) bundles, each containing up to six (6) panels. In total, each pack contains between 25 and 36 panels (10 – 14 lineal metres).
Unloading Lift up to two 30 panels at a time at 2/3 points. A spreader bar is recommended to minimise any risk of damage to panels.
Storage Stack up to two packs high with spacers on a level surface. Spacers should be at four (4) points for even distribution of dead weight, particularly to prevent distortion in extreme heat.
Handling Panels are lightweight, (maximum 23 kgs per sqm) and can be handled by two people.
Handling at height When installing more than one floor above stack location, crane or forklift bundles for convenience and speed.
Placing Place panels carefully to accommodate starter bars and other detail. Panels clip and slide into place and lock together with ease. Use a rubber mallet or similar for adjustment and persuasion to height and line.
Pour height Panels will withstand the dynamic bursting pressure of fresh concrete in single pours up to three (3) metres high. Use horizontal bracing for pours greater than three (3) metres.
Bracing Use horizontal bracing on the lower half at 900 centres (including slab level) for pours greater than three (3) metres.
Vertical reinforcement Place from top, aligning as close as possible to starter bars if applicable. The internal ribs will assist in achieving desired centres. Can be designed and placed at vertical spacing of 150mm or 200mm increments.
Horizontal reinforcement If necessary, thread from the open end of the wall as the wall progresses. When a run ends at an existing wall and horizontal bars are required, place a length of horizontal bar with an attached draw wire in the voids, then ease the bar forward. Spacing is to relate to voids in vertical diaphragms at 150mm increments.
Propping Use raking props at 1500mm centres to maintain plumb. Use fixed restraints at the base and use top restraints when available. For walls up to three (3) meters in height, affix prop to panel at top third of height. For walls three (3) meters or greater: prop at third points, prop,1000mm centres.
Aligning The base should be plumb from the previous set. Use a stringline or laser to check horizontal and vertical alignment/plumb of panels. To correct out-of-plumb panels, adjust props accordingly.
Concrete mix Minimum 25mpa, 10mm aggregate at 180mm slump.
Pouring Fill panels carefully with a boom pump in layers not exceeding three (3) meters high at a time. To reduce hydrostatic pressure and segregation at the base of the
panels, discharge the concrete so that it impacts on as many internal ribs as possible.
Vibrating Vibrate placed concrete at a low frequency. The slick PVC surface will allow the concrete to slide easily into any air pockets or voids.
Stripping Not required, panels stay in place as sacrificial formwork.
Penetrations Windows, doors and other openings are easily placed and cut-in with standard pre-pour procedures. Services and all other in situ requirements are the same as
conventional formwork systems.
Contraction control Not required.
Finishing Panels leave a clean, straight, semi-gloss substrate perfect for a range of internal and external render and painting systems.


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