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Water tight retaining walls at basement capable of resisting high point loads
Horizontal reinforcement can be eliminated/ reduced as shrinkage effects not visible
Transfer walls eliminate need for transfer beams
Dead load reductions reduce footings
Wall strength allows greater spans between load bearing elements
Bracket action of walls enhances flexibility in planning
Walls easy to penetrate for doorways, windows, etc
Low construction loads on slabs at early age
Ease of resisting balcony point loads at extremities
Precast type facade possible without heavy lifts
Permaform columns possible
Upper floors can utilize thinner walls
Embedded beams can be incorporated in floor depth
Need for transfer beams reduced
Upper floor party walls can be used to support and stabilize the roof
Long spans can be supported


+ Complex plans can be achieved

+ Control joints not necessary

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Specifying Permaform for your project opens up so many possibilities and flexibilities that just aren’t possible with traditional construction methods.


Maximise living, storage and parking space for tenants and increase the value of your development.


Permaform panels come in a range of width profiles (110mm, 150mm and 200mm) to suit an infinite number of architectural and engineering design requirements.


Achieve architectural elegance and design with greater flexibility and floor space.

Permaform PVC panels can be used in majority of multi-storey developments

+ Don’t be set back by tight sites with restrictive access. Make every metre count on sites with no room for storage, mess, waste or large cranes


+ Thinner walls create more space in each occupancy and reduce structure weight without compromising quality or structural integrity


+ Fewer internal supports mean more open plan spaces


+ Greater flexibility for future remodeling


+ Reduced need for beams gives you extra column-free space and a lower building height


+ Continue internal load bearing walls through to external blade walls


+ Reduce footings and slab thickness and improve floor slab deflections


+ Create curved walls that are near impossible to achieve with block work.


+ Eliminate the need to conceal concrete columns within the building’s interior


+ Permaform’s flexibility makes those late design modifications possible at the construction stage


+ Horizontally reinforced walls can easily span between columns eliminating the need for costly transfer beams


+ Concrete filled Permaform walls offer outstanding structural capacity allowing for heavily loaded retaining walls which can retain vast amounts of backfill



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